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New Products





IP Communication Module

PS-IP10 is a IP communication module for alarm systems. It can send alarm messages and system data to the monitoring center through LAN/WAN network. It is compatible with EX Series panel, EX10 and EX18, and the alarm monitoring software "Monitor XP". It connects to the SERIAL OUTPUT of panel to collect data of panel. This is the additional alarm reporting method other than telephone line reporting and GSM reporting. Further enhance the level of security in key sectors.

  • Quickly and accurately report information to the monitoring center
  • Support double monitoring center
  • Support LAN / WAN reporting.
  • Close connection with the professional-grade alarm software Monitor XP
  • The major network parameters can be set
  • Effective self-test,report data line trouble promptly
  • 200 event buffer when network is failure
  • The software can receive the alarm message directly. If there are more than 100 users, an IP receiver must be used





The PS-3360 is the smallest and most elegant digital curtain-pattern PIR detector using advanced digital True Motion Detection Technology. Once motion signal is received, it compares and analyses the signal with the true motion signal in database memory and ignores extraneous noises in order to eliminate false alarm.

  • Suitable for protection of window, door, balcony and ceiling
  • Vertical or horizontal protection
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • True Motion Detection Technology
  • Adjustable range 2-6m
  • Fire resistance casing





AMIT-2000T Telephone Channel Receiver is a stand-alone compact and low-cost receiver. Connect 1 or 2 telephone line(s), it completes a fully featured telephone channel central alarm monitoring station. A computer system with "Automation Software" is optional.

  • Multiple protocol capability
  • Interface to 2 incoming telephone lines
  • LCD display of received messages (ID+message No) and line No.
  • System status & alarms LED display.
  • Measurement and display of operating voltage
  • Memory and display possibility of last 64 received messages. Messages in memory can be recalled from front panel
  • Connection to automation control computer
  • Output to an optional backup auxiliary computer. Automatic switch-over to backup PC output when main PC fails to acknowledge messages
  • Very compact dimensions:25x16x4cm
  • Low power consumption: 75 mili-amp from 12VDC supply





When triggered by an alarm system, the PS-711B Voice Dialer can dial up to four telephone numbers and/or pager numbers.

  • Easy installation
  • No volt memory IC
  • Two zones input NC or NO
  • Two outgoing voice messages





Active Volume Ultrasonic Detector

The detector is designed to detect intrusion into a protected volume (showcase) or/and to detect motion within the protected volume, and to indicate intrusion by generating an alarm signal via NC relay contact.

  • Monitoring an entire volume
  • Possibility of several sensors within one volume
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Multilevel signal detection, functional self-control
  • Tamper contact output
  • LED indication of operational modes of the detector and of disturbances within the monitored volume





Vertical-view Infrared Motion Detector

The PS-3366 was created to handle narrow vertical-view applications such as card-access exit requests, protection of windows, doors, paintings or other art objects, monitoring customers at entry/exit of stores, and other security situations where non-volumetric protection is called for.

  • Vertical detection
  • For access control and security application
  • Auto pulse signal processing
  • Auto temperature compensation
  • Fire resistant case


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