PS-9048 Bus System 8-48 Zone Panel


  • 8 basic programmable zonesexpandable to 48 programmable zones
  • Compatible with 9000 series LED/LCD keypad
  • Maximum 32 keypads8 keypads can be connected for each partition
  • 3 emergency buttons on keypad
  • Regular ArmingStay ArmingDouble Stay ArmingForced ArmingOne Key Regular ArmingOne Key Stay ArmingOne Key Exit ArmingAuto ArmingKey-switch Arming
  • 4 Programmable Outputs(triggered by 47 events, including arm, disarm, trouble, tamper, bypass, code entry, AC failure, etc)
  • 64 User Codes + 1 Master User Code + 1 Installer Code + 1 Duress Code
  • 185 Event Buffer including date, time, event and partition number
  • Forced Arming 
  • Auto Arming/Auto Delay
  • Telephone Line Supervision
  • Programmable output module/Telephone Control module/
  • GSM/GPRS/IP reporting modules can be added to Bus
  • Max 32 expandable modules
  • Power Supply: 16.5VAC 40VA
  • AUX Power Output1A
  • Alarm Current2.5A
  • Metal Case and Transformer Optional


· Max 8 partitions with independent account number

· Different user code assigned to multiple partitions

· Independent system parameters and exit/entry delay timer for each partition


· 3 telephone number for CMSindependent reporting event for each telephone number

· Compatible with major communication formatsincluding 4+2, SIA, Ademco Contact IDetc. In addition, the communication format can be defined yourselves to suit any digital receiver.

· Auto testing reportcommunication failure report

· Support GSM/GPRS/IP reporting

· Entry/exit programming mode report  

· Remote programming software(local or remote)

Zone Expansion

· Expandable to 16 zones using double zone connection method

· Expands additional 8/16 zones by using one PS-EM16-48 zone module, expandable to total 48 zones.

· Expansion module can be located 700m away from panel

· Expands additional address-able multi-point bus by using module PS-PP8. Maximum 48 piece of single zone module PS-EM1 can be connected to the bus with address.

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