PS-OM8-1 Output Expander & Printer Interface
The OM8 is an auxiliary module used to expand the capabilities of the 9000 series control panels. While each unit has some unique features described in this section and also in the terminal descriptions, the basic installation and programming instructions are applicable to both modules.


Microprocessor controlled 8-output module

Equipped with 8 low current trigger outputs (see terminal drawing)

Up to 8 modules can be added for a total output count of 64

Each output can be programmed to follow up to 8 different schedules to either activate the output during the “on” time, or used in conjunction with another programming option to create time zones

Has an optional tamper switch and auxiliary power terminal (refer to terminal descriptions) making it ideal for use in a remote location

Has a built-in parallel interface for local printouts of all communicator activity

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