PS-DG3370PET Digital PIR Motion Detector with Pet Immunity of 24KG

The digital series motion detector DG3370PET revolutionizes electronic detection with the latest in digital and optical technology. The DG3370PET detector brings reliability and ’catch’ performance to a whole new level in the security alarm market for the residential and commercial community. Utilizing patented digital processing techniques, controlled by microcomputer, that eliminate many components and noisy amplifiers, the detector solve the problems of distortion, added noise and saturation caused by analog circuitry.

The series also introduces new patent-pending cylindrical optics and spherical-shaped lens to give comprehensive detection coverage. The products’ unique 9-segment design creates true 3D multiple vertical curtains in contrast to conventional beams.

Thanks to the new cylindrical optics and spherical-shaped 3-D lens which is free of vertical adjustment with uniform detection sensitivity beginning at 0.5 meter (creep-zone) away from the detector up to a distance of 15 meters. New lens material protects against white light and strong UV rays assuring long lasting sensitivity. DG3370PET sleek, ultra modern design is attractive in any home or office. It has the following features:

 Digital signal processing, 2 levels adjustable

 Digital temperature compensation

Cylindrical optics and spherical-shaped 3-D lens 

Same sensitivity for near and far zone

Height installation calibration free

 Pet immunity up to 53 lb (24 kg)

 Quad Linear Imaging Technology for sharp analysis of body dimensions and differentiation from 

   backgrounds and pets

 PIR sensitivity adjustment 65%-100%

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